Hire me

The funding for my current job ends in December 2018. Let’s talk if you think I might be a good fit for your newsroom. I’ll discuss any opportunity, whether I would flex existing skills or learn new ones. My heart is in the Rocky Mountain West, so jobs here earn bonus points.
LinkedIn serves as my online resume. Please email me for a PDF version.

I am available to freelance for your newsroom, nonprofit, or personal project.

  • Reporting, research and writing
    • Regional reporting, both analysis and breaking news, in Montana, Oregon, Wyoming and anywhere else within a day’s drive.
    • Trend stories or news features about the rural West, state government, campaign finance, education, housing rights, the Indian Health Service and tribal health programs, or the intersection of criminal justice and public health policies, such as addiction and mental health.
    • Travel writing and business profiles.
  • Copy editing and proofreading
    • News and feature articles
    • Manuscripts
    • Marketing or public relations materials
  • Data analysis and visualization
    • Finding, cleaning and making sense of publicly available data sets
    • Building databases from paper records, freeing them for study
    • Geographic analysis and mapping
    • Charts, both static for print or interactive for online presentation
    • Tools regularly used include Excel, Access, Tableau, R, Adobe Illustrator, ArcGIS, QGIS, Google Maps, and Google Earth. Languages sometimes used include Python and JavaScript.
  • Design and typesetting
    • Print layout and design for newspapers, books, e-books, magazines, brochures and posters
    • Promotional materials for social media, including audio, video and light animation
  • Training
    • Digital tools for web sleuthing, breaking news reporting and finding data to tell new stories on common beats, such as education, crime, business and the environment.
    • Data analysis or visualization, such as using coding-free tools for simple charts, interviewing spreadsheets in Excel, or making basic maps with Google.
    • FOIA strategies and techniques: How to identify and free public records.
    • Making the most of your phone with apps for recording, reporting, scanning, converting and capturing.
    • Volunteer speaker or trainer for middle school and high school audiences, including journalism and yearbook classes.
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