September 24, 2010 for the Montana Kaimin

CANDIDATE NO.12 flattened his tie as he leaned forward. He rested his forearms on his legs and twisted his gold wedding band.

Board of Regents Chairman Clayton Christian, too, leaned forward, speaking into the microphone as he told the gathered university officials that Candidate No. 12 had agreed to the contract terms of becoming the University of Montana’s 17th president.

“We can actually give him a name today,” Christian said.

Royce Engstrom grinned, sat up in the plastic conference room chair and waited for the vote.

“All those in favor?” Christian asked.

“Aye!” responded the circle of Regents.

It’s 11:28 on Thursday morning and the search for UM’s next president is over.

The man who will take over for a president sometimes called King George said he wants to focus on shared governance that strengthens every campus of UM affiliation. He plans to use first names and frankly answer every question. His lifelong curiosity and desire to learn drove him to new friendships, skills and ambitions. He rose to UM’s presidency on the supportive shoulders of the students, colleagues and family he helped along the way. He likes people and adventure.  This is the job, the university, for him.

Read the full profile here.

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