June 1 in The Seattle Times

Just before Ian Stawicki shot Gloria Koch Leonidas, he was standing over her, straddling her. He pulled out a black gun, leaned down and extended his arm. He fired one shot into her head.

Jo Ann Stremler saw it out her driver’s side window. She was heading west on Seneca Street after a doctor’s visit and was stopped at a light when she heard someone scream, “Help me! Help me!” She looked left to see a man kicking someone who was flat on the ground. She grabbed her phone and dialed 911.

That’s when Stawicki fired.

“It seemed to have this bounce and bounce, and I thought, ‘It’s going to bounce all the way out to the Sound,’ ” she said of the noise.

That shot at about 11:30 a.m., and several others earlier Wednesday, have reverberated throughout Seattle. It followed several at Cafe Racer in North Seattle, where Stawicki gunned down five people — four fatally. Somehow, he got to Eighth Avenue and Seneca Street and found Leonidas putting a parking receipt on her dashboard.

He needed her car and shot her for it.

As Stawicki sped off, Stremler and another good Samaritan ran across traffic to help Leonidas.

“I didn’t think we could save her when we started working on her, but that wasn’t the point,” Stremler said. “I knew that her family would not have wanted her to die alone.”

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  1. Gloria Leonidas was a fighter! She was the Deborah Samson and Molly Pitcher of Seattle, Washington!

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