March 22 in the Houston Chronicle

Support among rank-and-file Republicans for creating a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants has grown since the November election, but analysts wonder if results from a sweeping national survey released Thursday will translate to the party leadership.

The poll, one of the largest ever conducted on the issue, showed that two-thirds of Republicans supported a path to citizenship or at least permanent resident status for illegal immigrants. It’s a stark shift from surveys as recent as November that showed the party opposed or deeply divided.

Although a majority of Americans support immigration reform – and members of both parties seem to be finally drafting a compromise solution – what that reform will actually look like is far from decided.

Some experts suggest a congressional compromise could mirror the moderate strategy taken by Texas. U.S. Rep. Gene Green, D-Houston, said he’s glad to see the nation catch up to the state’s pragmatic, compassionate approach born out of historical economic and family ties.

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