May 5 in the Houston Chronicle

Bryn Bryant, 8, proudly lifted her National Rifle Association name tag to show off the red ribbon hanging from its back.

Her family’s first stop during the final day of the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting was the air gun range.

“I got eight shots in a row, and I got a ribbon,” she said, sitting at a table with her father Heath, mother Rebecca and brothers Fisher, 6, and Tate, 5.

Bryn opened her jacket to reveal a Duck Commander shirt as she said her biggest hope for the day was to meet stars from the television show “Duck Dynasty.”

Her parents, lifetime NRA members and outdoor enthusiasts from northwest Houston, said Youth Day was the perfect chance to introduce the kids to the organization while having fun as a family.

“The main cause has to be safety – to understand that guns are something we use to hunt and as a sport, making sure they know the proper way to be around them and not to be afraid,” Rebecca Bryant said.

Much of the recent national debate about gun control centers on keeping children safe from gun violence, particularly after the Newtown shootings and a 5-year-old Kentucky boy’s accidental killing of his little sister last week with a .22-caliber rifle gifted to him.

The tragedies inspired some parents to bring their children to the convention. Some sought to reinforce lessons on gun safety, clearly delineating responsible owners from those who misuse weapons. Some sought to balance out the negative imagery of recent tragedies with positive family memories. Some adults had little experience with guns and came to learn with a child who had picked up sports shooting through Boy Scouts or another youth group. Others wanted their children to see and learn about a way of life before it possibly vanishes.

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